Every player starts with 5 cards in their hand.
Choose a player to start (ex. last person to drink boba)

Each player has a draw and action phase.

Draw phase:
Draw 2 cards on your turn

Action phase:
Play up to 3 cards per turn

Special Draw Phase:
If at the start of your turn you have 2 or more completed drink sets, draw 3 cards on your turn.

There is no swapping ingredients to your other drink sets. Play ingredient cards in any order.

Only 7 active drink sets can be in progress on your table.
No more than 7 cards in your hand at the end of your turn.
If you have more than 7 you must discard cards until you have 7.


2-4 Players (complete 5 drink sets to win)

5 players (complete 4 drink sets to win)